Monday, May 28, 2012

Make-up Products Are Known For Sensitive Skin Compulsory

Certainly sensitive skin requires special attention. One chose the product as a result of skin irritation, acne, or other skin disorders.

Various writing on the bottle label make-up also appear. Starting from hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, until the term non-comedogenic. Which is appropriate for sensitive skin?

"Fragrance-free and unscented ''

Some products for sensitive skin is also often display a label "fragrance-free" alias-free fragrances. While the product "unscented" means without scent. Well be careful to distinguish the two. Fragrance-free means it does not contain artificial fragrances, whereas without the aroma could be using materials that eliminate the smell of perfumes or fragrances. So arom not necessarily free of perfume or fragrance-free.

Why is this important? Some skins have allergic reactions to artificial fragrances contained in beauty products. Not just make-up, products such as shampoo, soap, and moisturizers also often contain perfumes or fragrances added.

Artificial fragrance has a different reaction in each person. Allergies, such as itching, redness, or other allergic disorders are common allergic reactions to artificial fragrances. Artificial fragrance even called the five major causes of allergies in the world. In addition to having adverse effects on sensitive skin, in certain people, artificial fragrances can also be at risk of disrupting the brain and nervous system. Dizziness or shortness of breath is one of the symptoms caused by the substance.


Particularly vulnerable to skin blackheads, this product should be considered. This means that the labeled product, has been tested on oily skin is more vulnerable to blackheads. Blackheads often arise due to clogged pores due to the use of make-up. Generally it is more common in oily skin.

The product is claimed to be low-risk causes blackheads, blackheads good-looking black in the face (blackhead) or closed comedones are mostly white (whitehead). However, the effect of the labeled product in each skin is different. For very oily skin may experience the onset of comedones Andamasih resulting from the use of make-up is labeled non-comedogenic. If you are classified as very oily skin, you should first test the product on your skin before deciding to buy.


For allergies often have symptoms such as itching, redness, burning sensation on the skin, or other allergic reactions, this label should be noted. A hypoallergenic products will be labeled if it had passed the tests for various types of skin allergies. Each of the tested materials used to see an allergic reaction. The best materials are used to reduce allergic skin reactions.

Although it is difficult to prevent all types of skin allergies, but the majority of common allergic complaints have been tried on this product. There is no product that really guarantee there will be no allergic reaction, but at least owners of sensitive skin can choose labeled products is to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Oil-free & Mineral Oil

Written product of oil-free or oil-free oil or lanolin contain very little or none at all. Oily skin is prone to acne, use of these products can reduce the risk of acne resulting from the use of oily make-up. But for dry skin, oil-free product with no label can actually help moisturize the skin.

Mineral oil is often written in the womb make-up is a light oil-based petroleum. Commonly used in lip balm products. Excessive use of products containing mineral oil can disrupt the body's natural moisture and less good for sensitive skin.

No similar effect on the cosmetic to different people. Before deciding to use a product for the long term you should do a little experiment first. Visit the store make-up of your choice and lay out a little product in your hands. Wait 24 hours to see her reaction. If there is a reaction to irritation or skin disorders, should consult a dermatologist for your good product.

7 Habits That Make Difficult Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? The solution is to eliminate some of the habits below.

Reduce stay up
Who says it's bedtime for kids only? Consider your sleep schedule, especially on weekends. Our bodies adjust to the routine. If you do not sleep regularly - at 11 pm for a few days, then stayed up until 1 am the other day - your brain is not ready to sleep on weekdays.

Bring a book to bed
Reading before bed is the habit of many people. The problem is, your body will adapt to the routine - the body will resist the temptation to sleep before you finish a few chapters. Better to sit comfortably on the couch if you want to read. The bed should be restricted only for sleeping or sex.

Facebook opens up to lose track of time
The brightness of your computer screen can stimulate the brain. Plus, your brain will be hard to stop thinking about interesting things on the Internet, even if you're out of the site. Avoid the Internet play in the evening and turn off your computer. Give yourself a break from electronic goods.

The bed is not comfortable
The beds are good only worth starting at $ 500 (USD 4.6 million) to $ 3,000 (USD 28 million). Your money is not wasted. Good mattress will make you sleep more soundly. The same thing applies to sheets and pillows. Choose a soft pillow if you sleep on his stomach. Buy the pillow harder if you sleep sideways.

Bright alarm clock
The light of day can be very annoying if you want to sleep. The goal is to make the room dark as possible. Cover the hour is to buy a book or a small clock. You also can use the alarm on a cell phone.

Counting sheep
When unable to sleep, in vain if persist in the bed. If you've been trying to sleep for more than 30 minutes, the National Sleep Foundation suggests doing something ordinary, such as reading or watching TV. Activities that require little brain power will calm your mind. Before you know it, you'll be right back to bed.

Exercising at night
Exercising during the day will keep you fresh for hours. That's why you should not be exercising three hours before bedtime. Intense physical activity that will raise the temperature of the body and increase your energy - both disturbing the peace in the sleep transition.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kim Kardashian is tired of Use Botox, What about you?

More recently, quoted by The Sun (28/3), the face of reality show actress Kim Kardashian looks odd. He appeared to the public with a forehead somewhat flushed. To the media, he said, "I would not do this anymore. At least until the age of 40 later!"

Grievances arising from the botox which he did in the salon in Beverly Hills Laser Away, the United States. Salon claims that they are the best about botox injections. In fact, for the first time in his life, Kim flushed forehead. Expectations appear perfect in public suddenly vanished.

Botox has been such a part of world-class celebrity culture. Model and actress Brooke Shields is considered as the most regular botox user. Jennifer Lopez managed to rejuvenate the face with this technology. Not only women, men also use this celebrity. At The Orange County Register, Simon Cowell had said, "Botox is no more special than toothpaste. Both of them can [make a physical problem]. Once a year. Who cares?"

In essence, a substance that is injected beneath the skin to instantly meremajakannya this is a form of toxin or poison produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Comprised of a unique protein and is considered the most powerful neurotoxins ever discovered science. These toxins can manipulate the muscles under the skin so the outside will not look wrinkled.

Is it dangerous? Greatly, although for the sake of cosmetics, only one percent is used for injected beneath the skin. Some side effects of botox was surely lurk those who regularly inject this substance into the face.

As experienced by Kim Kardashian, your skin will appear red at some point botox injection needle puncture marks. Excerpted from the Mayo Clinic via Livestrong, the pain also appear along with the muscles that react to the skin caused by a puncture needle containing Botox.

The spread of the poison
There are times when the substance is dispersed through the lines of the muscles under the skin and into the crucial muscles in the body. Some serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing and speaking and swallowing may occur due to weakened muscles.

Unnaturally raised eyebrows
Due to a strong reaction to botox muscles, usually the raised eyebrows and looks natural. Excerpted from the Skin Tour, add a few doses at the point it can "neutralize".

Rigid head
Still revolves muscle reaction, your head will experience temporary stiffness of torture. It takes time to restore the situation to seem natural, that with all the muscles of the face rest.

Vague outlook
Usually happens if you inject Botox around the eyes. Relaxes the muscles which make the outlook suddenly becomes vague.

One of a series of adverse effects of Botox alone makes Kim Kardashian learned my lesson. What about those of you who still rely on Botox to rejuvenate the skin?

Bird Silver in Back Chen Ting-Jia

Cannes Film Festival The event was again held for a to-65 time. Moments that have a high prestige for the lovers of this film is also marred by a series of beautiful gowns the stars on the red carpet.

One of the most stunning actress is a unique dress from China, Chen Ting-Jia as he entered the premiere of the movie "De Rouille et D'Os" at the festival. Chen appeared with impressive length dress with a touch of silver transparent in his body.

The most interesting is when Chen turned, hugged the silver bird looked at the back. Chen seemed more beautiful face behind the silver shining, transparent impression material, and the silver birds that "hug".

The idea of ​​the bird is not the first figure on the red carpet, because since the beginning of the symbol is considered to strengthen the feminine side of users. No wonder the red carpet has long been filled with figures of birds. Evan Rachel Wood at the Golden Globe Awards and then use the dress with feathers at the bottom, which is painted green. Wrap dress Chloe Moretz used in Vogue / Fashion Fund Awards last year using images of birds at the top of the chest. Bjork swan dress used in the 2001 Academy Awards instead become a fashion icon when it's most unique.

In your opinion, let alone who is considered a symbol of the feminine side strengthens its users? How to dress Chen at the top?

10 Sexiest Women in the World version of Maxim

After releasing the list of FHM's sexiest woman, now turn to competitors, Maxim magazine, which released their list. In contrast to FHM that many women enter the United Kingdom, on Maxim list of all the American celebrities. Who are they?

Sexiest Women in the World version of Maxim Position 1 Bar Refaeli

Sexiest Women in the World version of Maxim Position 2 Olivia Munn

Sexiest Women in the World version of Maxim Position 3 Mila Kunis

Sexiest Women in the World version of Maxim Position 4 Katy Perry

Sexiest Women in the World version of Maxim Position 5 Olivia Wilde

Sexiest Women in the World version of Maxim Position 6 Jennifer Lawrence

Sexiest Women in the World version of Maxim Position 7 Emma Stone

Sexiest Women in the World version of Maxim Position 8 Megan Fox

Sexiest Women in the World version of Maxim Position 9 Malin Akerman

Sexiest Women in the World version of Maxim Position 10 Adrianne Palicki

Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 The Pretty Princess of the Kingdom in the World Various

Speaking about the Princess, which occurred to us usually just a fairy tale princesses from Disney, or the daughters of the British empire as wife of the late Princess Diana or Prince William Kate Middleton. In fact, from various parts of the world there are many other royal women are not less beautiful. Who are they?

The Pretty Princess Alexandra
He was the only daughter of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. So the media spotlight since childhood, Alexandra chose to hone his talent in the sport such as tennis, swimming, and skiing.

The Pretty Princess Letizia
Princess is known to be very fashionable this used to be a journalist before marrying Felipe, Prince of Asturias. They both have two daughters, Leonor Infantan (7) and Infanta Sofia (5).

The Pretty Princess Charlotte Cashiraghi
In addition to the equestrian athlete, daughter of Princess Caroline is currently working as the editor of "Above" in the UK. His face was mentioned a lot of people will be reminded of his grandmother, Queen of Monaco Grace Kelly.

 The Pretty Princess Haya
Also known as Sheikha Haya of Dubai, he was the son of King Hussein I of Jordan, who later married Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai. Besides being very fashionable, Princess Haya also has a glorious achievement in his youth in sport. He is now actively hold various charity events especially those related to sports.

The Pretty Princess Charlene
Former swimmer is Her Serene Highness the title of The Princess of Monaco after marrying Albert II, Prince of Monaco's Prince Rainier III's son and Grace Kelly.

The Pretty Princess Madeleine
Swedish king's daughter was once engaged to a lawyer for 7 years, but then split up after her fiance had an affair with a student. Madeleine now based in New York.

The Pretty Princess Theodora
Theodora was the daughter of former King of Greece Constantine II and Anne Marie of Denmark. Although there was no Greek empire, he still holds the title of Her Royal Highness Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark. But the ideals of the real Princess Theodora was an actress, who realized in her first acting debut in the soap opera "The Bold and The Beautiful".

The Pretty Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana
Raised in England, grandson of King Bhumibol Adulyadej is recalled to Thailand after his parents' divorce. He is now pioneering career as a fashion designer fashion show, and have done several times in Paris.

The Pretty Princess Zara Phillipsk
Cousin Prince William and Prince Harry was the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, the only daughter of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips. He has a myriad of achievements in sports, especially horseback riding, and had just married a rugby jock Mike Tindall in July 2011.

The Pretty Princess Sonam Dechen Wangchuck
He was the fourth daughter of King Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Have an educational background in the field of international relations, and a Master's degree in law from Stanford and Harvard Law School. Princess Sonam now serves as president of the Bhutan National Legal Institute in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Her husband Dashu Phub W. Dorji also people who are well educated and now works at the Ministry of Finance.

The mothers Celebrities Who Wear High Heels Desperate Pregnant

Although doctors and health experts repeatedly warned of the dangers of high heels for pregnant women, following a number of celebrities are just desperate to wear it even in late pregnancy.

The mothers Celebrities Who Wear High Heels Desperate Pregnant Alessandra Ambrosio, Looking at Alessandra Ambrosio poses and shoes, we can take the fear excited Victoria's Secret model from Brazil this fall.

The mothers Celebrities Who Wear High Heels Desperate Pregnant Christina Aguilera

The mothers Celebrities Who Wear High Heels Desperate Pregnant Christina Applegate

The mothers Celebrities Who Wear High Heels Desperate Pregnant Heidi Klum

The mothers Celebrities Who Wear High Heels Desperate Pregnant Jennifer Lopez

The mothers Celebrities Who Wear High Heels Desperate Pregnant Jessica Simpson, With nine months pregnant and shoes with heels that, if Jessica Simpson had no trouble walking?

The mothers Celebrities Who Wear High Heels Desperate Pregnant Rachel Zoe

The mothers Celebrities Who Wear High Heels Desperate Pregnant Tina Fey

The mothers Celebrities Who Wear High Heels Desperate Pregnant Tori Spelling

The mothers Celebrities Who Wear High Heels Desperate Pregnant Victoria Beckham to be squeezed his hand tightly so as not to fall.

Cute celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon

Not just for school children, is now the celebrity world also use the ribbon for her hair accessories. Included on the red carpet.

Cute celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 01

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 02

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 03

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 04

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 05

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 06

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 07

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 08

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 09

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 10

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 11

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 12

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 13

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 14

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 15

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 16

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 17

Cute Celebrity Shown with Hair Ribbon 18